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So… here I go (in a very random order):

  • change blog’s appearance; done on Oct. 17, 2009
  • if I do decide to go through with the second year (the last one, and I have to decide until Monday!) of my MA Program, make it count: take part in as many internships and projects as time after work and classes will allow you;  Feb. 11, 2010: Well, I decided not to continue with the classes, so I „froze” my studies for one year though now I get the feeling that it might be for longer… a lot longer… like maybe until-I-have-my-midlife-crisis longer :)))
  • get to as many classes as possible; Feb. 11, 2010: canceled by the previous bullet
  • get in shape: lose some weight (post daily about your progress);
  • keep going to aqua-gym every Saturday!!! Feb. 11, 2010: stopped after I cought a really bad cold and once winter started completely fell off my radar… maybe I’ll take it up again when the warm weather comes back
  • be done procrastinating; (Feb. 12, 2010: not done yet)
  • be done putting up false barriers for everything you want to do; (Feb. 12, 2010: not done yet either, but at least working on it )
  • take care of your manicure and pedicure and put on nail polish  more often;
  • wear skirts and dresses more often; Feb. 12, 2010: done and somehow I picked the coldest days to do it. I think I’ve more than acquited myself of this for the rest of the winter … brrrrr
  • renew wardrobe slowly by purchasing something new to wear, or a new accessory every month and post about your purchase;
  • start thinking seriously about starting your own business; write down what would your business do (I’m thinking about a coffee shop, or a small restaurant, or something that involves a little bit of cooking); (still only just thinking about it, didn’t get to the serious part just yet :)) )
  • cities&countries I want to go to: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, London, Paris, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Stockholm, Madrid, Barcelona, Bruxelles, Belgium, Greece, Prague, Egypt, Israel, Sidney, Tokyo (basically a tour around the World, that would be the best thing ever :)) ) and post about every place I go to, with pictures;
  • visit more of Romania and post about it, with pictures;
  • become an active volunteer in an NGO that helps children and elders, post about it (think I found one, just have to register as a volunteer :D);
  • start going to the theatre, opera (at least try it once), ballet;
  • see more movies at the cinema rather than  at home on my PC;
  • go to  different events (advertising, film festivals, whatever seems interesting) and post about the experience;
  • visit the museums and art galleries in Bucharest;
  • meet more people;
  • make more friends;
  • get a boyfriend (there, now everyone’s going to know I’m boyfriend-less. ugh);
  • decide where to spend New Year’s: at a Taize meeting in Poznan, Poland or with family in Romania. Due date for decision: December 1; Feb. 12, 2010: decided sometime in late Nov. but forgot about this list :D; chose to go to Poznan, Poland and it was the best choice I could have made… had A GREAT TIME, met new people and made new friends … happy times 😀 (click here for pictures)
  • cook more often once the stove arrives, and post about it; those will be happy days :D;
  • post more often; don’t let good ideas go away!
  • give acting lessons a try, really make an effort to enrol in acting classes;
  • continue with horseback ridding lessons; learn to gallop!!!
  • own a horse;
  • own my own house. Buy one or build one like the house that keeps coming up in my dreams :D;
  • learn to play one of these instruments: violin, piano or guitar;

To be continued…


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