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I made a decision today. I’ve decided to write on this blog my own little wish list. A wish list for all my plans: things I want to have, places I want to go&see, things I want to do, movies I want to see, goals I want to achieve (like for instance <get in shape!!!>, that will be the first point on my goals’ list, and I am working on that starting today), and all kinds of other things I might be wishing for in the future.

There’s a chapter in the Bible (and I’m not a religious person mind you, at all, I think religion is a private and personal thing, but maybe I’ll write about that some other time) that says  „Ask, and Ye shall receive/ Ye have not, because Ye ask not” (Matthew) and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing here. I am going to ask God, or the Universe itself, friends, family and of course myself to help ME make all the things on my list happen. 

If you’ve read the book „The Secret” or have seen the film then you should understand what I mean :). The main idea there, is that if you want something, anything, you should just ask for it, wish for it with all your heart and mind and somehow step by step, sometimes without even realising it, you’ll make the right decision and take the right steps and turns and you will get what you asked/wished for. The line you will read/hear the most is „the Universe will make it happen”.  And that’s what I want to do with this list of mine. I want to put my goals and wishes out there, have them written for once, and see what happens.

I’m thinking that having my goals and wishes written here and seeing them almost everyday will finally help me stop procrastinating and postponing, stop finding excuses and putting up false barriers for myself, and become more determined to take action to get to where and what I want, to make good on the promises I make to myself (like cutting down the amount of sugar I ingest in one day).  ‘Cause if there’s one thing I hate (and this may be because I may have OCD, but it hasn’t been diagnosed yet :)) ) is to have or make a list and not be able to check all the points on that list as „done”. It makes me feel like such a failure, and it makes me angry with myself. Seriously. That’s the effect that wish-lists or goals-lists or lists in general, have on me. If I don’t carry it through then it stays there in the back of my mind and keeps nagging me. It’s like something hovering over my head and not leaving until I get things done. Soo annoying!!!

I keep making lists upon lists in my head and I don’t write them down ‘cause (confident voice) „It’s fine, I’ll remember this, and that, and that too. I’ll start to work on that tomorrow…”, but I won’t. I won’t because usually when I make those lists in my head I’m at work, and by the time I get home I’m tired or get distracted with something else on the computer and I never get to write anything down, and later they’ll keep popping out in my head again and again.

So, I have decided to write all my wishes&goals here and then work on them to make them happen. I’ll either take each point on my list and talk about the progress I’m making, or I’ll write about it when accomplished. As each wish comes true or when I carry out a goal, I will check it off the list (I don’t know how to de that here exactly, but I’ll see to it then :D).

To the list, I say ! 



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