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„Look upon another’s need, Love demands the loving deed; Tell that one your love is true, Prove it by the things you do…. ”
This is a quote I found on someone’s wall on Facebook. I thought it was a very sweet, beautiful thing to write/say to express love.
Put it all on the fact that I just saw „The Rebound” and fell even more in love with Justin Bartha (those unbelievable blue eyes, the smile too, he’s got that boy-next-door thing about him – he’s not a boy anymore, but you get what I’m sayin’ 😀 – , he’s handsome all around and can do funny really well… and did I mention his beautiful blue eyes?) hehehe.
It may also be because I’ve been bitten by this whole Valentine’s Day thing today. And since I didn’t have a Valentine for today I think I’ll just imagine he’s my Valentine for the remaining hour of this day, thank you very  much  ;).


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