am urmat sfatul unei bune prietene sa iau laptopul cu Friends cu mine in bucatarie in timp ce fac treaba acolo, sau mai bine zis incerc sa fac treaba and you know what?
it didn’t work. nope.
ma opream pur si simplu in mijlocul camerei cu fata catre laptop si cu morcovul si cutitul in mana. aseara intentionam sa imi fac o ciorba de legume si/sau un pilaf.
indraznet plan, nu? well, good luck with thaaaat daca te uiti si la Friends intre timp.
am reusit doar sa imi curat legumele si sa ma hranesc intre timp, siiii… sa fac o budinca totusi, care nu era deloc in plan, dar pana la finalul sezonului 5 mi s-a facut pofta de dulce :))) .
in stilul asta azi o sa pun la fiert legumele pt ciorba, maine calesc legumele pt pilaf si eventual adaug niste fidea in ciorba, si poimaine pun orezul peste legume ca sa finalizez pilaful si finalizez ciorba cu un dres cu ou. si uite asa imi ia o saptamana sa imi fac 2 feluri de mancare :D. pot sa concurez pentru cel mai lung timp pt gatit :)))

deci, fara vreun dubiu pot sa spun urmatoarea fraza:
„Buna, numele meu este Charlie si sunt dependenta de Friends.”

sa inceapa sedinta! 😀

p.s.: si cea mai tare faza la toata nebunia de ieri cu Friends a fost ca am pus o masina de haine la spalat (by the way, mi-am cumparat masina de spalat haine, YAY! :D) FARA DETERGENT!!! (think Chandler voice :)))

am uitat sa pun detergent si balsam, can you believe it? s-au spalat doar cu eventualele  resturi de detergent de la prima spalare (cand masina a trebuit sa fie goala).


oficial sunt cea mai mare lenesa, distrata si pierzatoare de vreme!!! (un L mare pe frunte)

am ajuns ieri acasa…… de fapt sa o luam cu inceputul, mai intai am plecat de la serviciu. pe drum mi-am facut planul de actiune pt acasa (pentru ca ma asteptam sa nu mai am internet, ca nu mi-am platit factura si deci o sa am timp sa fac treaba): spal cateva haine (care sunt mai urgente), fac vreo 2 feluri de mancare si poate apuc sa si aspir putin prin camera, si la final inainte de culcare fac baie.

ce crezi? ….. ajung acasa, deschid calculatorul si … am internet !!!

nu am facut nimic din tot ce mi-am propus, in schimb preocuparea mea cea mai mare a fost sa ma asigur ca am downloadat inca doua sezoane de Friends (7&10) (pentru ca nu o sa mai am internet maine deci sa profit cat mai am, corect?) si ca am salvate torrent-ele pentru 8&9. si de aici totul a luat-o la vale…… pana se copiau sezoanele astea m-am mai uitat la niste episoade din sezonul 4 :D… am mancat cate ceva pe fuga in fata calculatorului, am pus vasele curate la loc si imi pregatisem vasele si ingerdientele din ce sa fac mancarea (eu imi spuneam in continuare ca apuc sa fac mancare… cum te poti mintii singur frate ! :)) ). cand s-a terminat de copiat sezonul 10 ma ardea rau,rau, simteam ca parca nu as fi putut sa dorm daca nu vedeam ultimul episod ca sa vad cum se termina cu rachel si ross. in final am vazut vreo 3 sau 4 de la sfarsitul sezonului 10 (la unul mai aveam putin si imi dadeau lacrimile). si intr-un final mi-am dat seama ca e 00.30 si ca trebuie sa dorm, ca altfel ma trezesc groghi maine dimineata si nu o sa am timp sa ma gandesc cu ce sa ma imbrac.

deci… cat de LAME pot sa fiu? e ca un drog, serios!

OMG sunt dependenta!

eh, ce sa-i faci… macar am adormit cu zambetul pe bunze :)))

About sleep, again

An article I just read on Yahoo! about sleep positions and what they mean. I’ve always been fascinated about these kind of psychological, unconscious things and what they say about a person…  me actually 😛 .

The list of the most common sleep positions according to this article:

featus position, log, yearner, soldier, freefall, starfish

They all apply to me hahahaha… I fall asleep in the yearner position or freefall and sometimes I try all of them to see which one is the most comfy and wake-up in a completely different one. I probably go through all of them during my sleep 😀 .

As to what they say about the person, I find myself a bit in each but mostly freefall, starfish and yearner.

Which one applies to you?

Source: Yahoo.com

Need. Excitement.

I NEED excitement in my life. I want to say about my life that it is exciting. I WANT THAT SO BAD that I am about to enroll myself in a program to volunteer in Africa. Which is not a bad thing AT ALL and volunteering has always been a wish of mine, it’s just a little too costly.
I dread and admit am scared of a boring and stale life but unfortunately it seems to me, more often than not,  I am headed for that kind fo life and that’s what scares me even more.
I must also confess that I know my reasons for wanting that excitement in my life are as shallow as can be. I compare. I compare my life, my achievements to the lives and achievements of others my age and younger. What makes it even worse and more shallow is that for me those benchmarks of an exciting life are set by established as well as young, up-and-coming actors and/or singers, but mostly actors, and I just can’t help it simply because they are plastered so prominently all over the internet and in magazines, especially the young ones. Just look at the Twilight cast – as much as I appreciate them as actors and role models (the fact that New Moon sucked was the Weitz and Rosenberg’s fault 😀 and I don’t care what others say) I can’t help but envy them. How can I not compare and contrast when most of them are barely 25 y.o.?  The places they see, the things they get to do, the experiences they get to have make me feel so small, so insipid, so boring … so UNexciting a person because I have a „9 to 5” job in an office and a semblance of a life after work that resumes to Facebook, a once a week massage session and some club-going once in a while.           But I’m working on some changes and because all the things that I want to do, that would make my life experience a lot more exciting need money, the first change was … to get a second job. Now, don’t get all up in arms about it, it’s a fun job and the complete opposite of a desk job. It’s on weekends and it’s in an amusement park outside of town in the woods. It’s great! It’s healthy! It’s tiring! It’s paid! :)) It’s new and in and of itself exciting.


About sleep

I remember once in biology class we had a lesson about sleep for humans: how much sleep the body needs and how it helps.

It clearly made an impression on me 😛 because whenever sleep was a topic among my friends I would always remember that lesson and how it said that as you become an adult you need less hours pf sleep per night. I never went back to look for the biology book in my parent’s basement and fact-check, but I found this interesting&funny article by Ben Schott in the New York Times.

NYTimes - About sleep

I remembered it half right 😀 .

A beautiful quote

„Look upon another’s need, Love demands the loving deed; Tell that one your love is true, Prove it by the things you do…. ”
This is a quote I found on someone’s wall on Facebook. I thought it was a very sweet, beautiful thing to write/say to express love.
Put it all on the fact that I just saw „The Rebound” and fell even more in love with Justin Bartha (those unbelievable blue eyes, the smile too, he’s got that boy-next-door thing about him – he’s not a boy anymore, but you get what I’m sayin’ 😀 – , he’s handsome all around and can do funny really well… and did I mention his beautiful blue eyes?) hehehe.
It may also be because I’ve been bitten by this whole Valentine’s Day thing today. And since I didn’t have a Valentine for today I think I’ll just imagine he’s my Valentine for the remaining hour of this day, thank you very  much  ;).